Business Unit Strategy Assessment – Implementation (Phase 2)

About the project: After making  recommendations about specific  line-up of equipment  and which industries (among oil & gas, petrochemicals, water, power or mining) they must be projected to, phase 2 entailed implementation to reorganize the sales process and define sales channels.

In order to achieve that, bidding process, including sieving of leads and technical evaluation, was redefined. After developing in-depth understanding of the Saudi Arabian market dynamics, sales channels were devised.

In terms of laying the foundation of aggressive sales growth, a major task achieved was  getting the client registered as pre-approved vendors with major prospective buyers  (large EPC firms) in the Middle East. We, then, identified vendors globally and collaborated with them as sales partners, based on the complementarities of technical capability of various equipment and potential of bringing in sales leads from other parts of the world as well. All these efforts resulted in long pipeline of leads greater leads to sales conversion rate, resulting in accelerated profit streams.

About the client: The client is a large trading and development holding company based out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and serves mainly the Petrochemical, Mineral processing, Water and Power sectors in the region. Trading primarily involved selling manufacturing and assembling of capital equipment for large scale industrial applications.