Spearheading Sustainable Growth

EnvEcoLogic is a premier, fast growing team of Sustainability & Energy Economists, Strategists, and Thought Leaders. We create intelligence on sustainability, climate change and energy issues to improve decision making for government, corporates, development agencies, and public.

Climate Change & Sustainability

Climate change and fast depleting natural resources are, by far, the most dangerous threats before the mankind. We are deeply involved in developing extensive intellectual capital to understand various aspects of the problem and propose mitigation, adaptation and optimisation solutions, which are often inter-disciplinary in nature.

Energy Intelligence

Environmental concerns and fast depleting hydrocarbon resources have put immense pressure on optimising the production and consumption of conventional energy sources, while making renewable energy the indispensable way forward. As energy economists, we understand the market dynamics and drivers well. Our in-depth research, forecasting & economic analysis skills can help optimize at every stage of the value chain.

Impact Study: Air Pollution

Every year, more than nine million people die due to air pollution, one of the top five killers, according to the World Health Organisation. Estimated 30,000 people die prematurely every year in Delhi alone due to poor air quality.

Given that it is already causing a public health crisis, Envecologic has initiated a study  to determine public perception of Delhi’s air pollution crisis, and make policy related recommendations on what will effectively work in Delhi.

About EnvEcoLogic

We are a new age sustainability firm seeking to understand and propose solutions to the challenges of global warming, climate change, energy needs, and fast depleting natural resources. To achieve this, we rely on our Thought Leadership, Research & Advisory and Workshop & Training capabilities. In a short span of time, we have built the reputation of delivering in-depth and practically applicable intelligence in energy and sustainability spheres. What sets us apart is our research approach, subject matter expertise, and ability to apply principles of environmental and resource economics.

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