EnvEcoLogic Youth Ambassador (EYA) Program

As part of our endeavours, EnvEcologic is pleased to announce EnvEcoLogic Youth Ambassador (EYA) Program. With this program, we aim to engage with young sustainability enthusiasts and give them an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.  In this age where sustainability and conservation are key area of focus of every corporate, every social and government initiative, we believe that developing a better understanding of integration of economic logic and business practices into sustainability is an essential key to success.

Through this program, Envecologic is looking for hard working and confident sustainability enthusiasts, and provide them with an opportunity to foster co-curricular learning opportunities that allows students to:

  • Make a difference to individuals and communities
  • Feel connected with the sustainability driven community initiatives
  • Better understanding of integration of economic logic and business practices into sustainability
  • Explore, test and fulfil their potential and become innovative, skilled, highly employable &purposeful graduates
  • Developing initiative and entrepreneural skills

Areas of Engagement

  1. Ambassadors will participate in bootcamps to develop sustainability leadership skills.
  2. As a part of their first engagement with EnvEcoLogic, the EYAs will be responsible for promoting and generating participation for various Envecologic initiatives such as Green Vision 2019 for colleges, a platform for students to express their opinions and innovative ideas on their chosen topics.
  3. Candidates will be responsible in representing EnvEcoLogic at events in their respective campuses.
  4. Assisting in conducting workshops and seminars that encourage critical & innovative thinking.
  5. Under EYAP, individuals will get opportunities to orient themselves with contemporary sustainability concepts through our Master Classes


  1. Any current student enrolled in a recognised university, interested in learning about sustainability and keen to represent their college in a range of activities and events
  2. Candidates should be willing to shoulder leadership responsibilities
  3. Candidates should have good communication skills
  4. Candidates must be hardworking and enterprising


  1. The EYA will be appointed for a period of one year.
  2. Change of tenure may be mutually determined under different circumstances.

Reach Us

If interested, you can share reach out to us via the following:

Ph: 8368564982, 9811654229, 7889507254

Email: info@envecologic.com

Web: https://envecologic.com/youth-ambassador-program/

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