What We Offer

Applying Economic Logic To Understand And Propose Solutions To Energy & Sustainability Challenges

Research & Advisory


Our exhaustive and methodical tools allow us to deep dive into understanding the trends, business drivers, technology and impacts  in energy and sustainability. Complementing this with our subject matter expertise, we help our clients achieve long term sustainable growth.




We produce extensive research material to feed ongoing major projects or develop research reports in the area of conventional and renewable energy, and environmental sustainability. We use sophisticated methodologies and strict guidelines to produce rich and to-the-point research content from a variety of sources, both primary and secondary.


We build succinct recommendations focusing on areas such as cost reduction in energy projects, new technology adoption, process improvement, developing climate change mitigation/adaptation strategies or chalking out low carbon path. The main value proposition lies in the fact that we quantify the intended benefits that implementing our recommendation can achieve.

Market Intelligence

Large number of energy projects have high associated capital expenditures and therefore require meticulous planning. Our market intelligence solution can provide all the market related information which you may need to take the optimal decision. Demand, supply cost driver, price and top suppliers are some of the many aspects which we analyse.

Thought Leadership


Thought Leadership is a core component of our company. We are dealing with crises such as resource depletion, energy scarcity and climate change, impacts of which have never been experienced before. We think ahead of the curve to demystify challenges and unravel solutions.



Studies & Knowledge Papers

As part of our thought leadership endeavour, we generate in-depth studies in specific areas of energy and sustainability. We identify area of study, not already explored and either work with a research agency or corporate firms to fund. Our work in this area opens doors for future discourses until the energy and sustainability challenge is addressed.

Envecologic TV

We are the proud flag-bearers of India’s first dedicated online sustainability channel. We developed this platform to share videos which are often interviews of energy and climate change experts and other stakeholders who share there views. This is an incredible platform of mass communication in disseminating critical knowledge about¬†sustainability.

Sustainability Periodicals

This is our coveted initiative aimed at educating targeted groups about sustainability. We develop exclusive material keeping in mind whether it is meant of general masses, corporations or educational institutions. In every case, the focus is on helping readers enhance practical knowledge of sustainability relevant to them.

White Papers

Knowledge capital forms the building block of our working framework, and publishing white papers is an integral component of it. These papers are developed with serious academic depth, and follow standard guidelines pertaining to research, data analysis and choice methodologies. They are often reviewed by tenured academicians.

Workshop & Training


We work with corporations, governments and educational institutions to disseminate the knowledge about various facets of energy and sustainability. Our workshops and training modules are specifically developed to help trainee integrate sustainability in their program.



Our training modules in this category help firms integrate sustainability in their value chain. It includes various facets such as calculating and mitigating carbon footprint, become more energy efficient, implementing energy & sustainability compliance, green supply chain management, circular economy etc.


At the university level, our modules focus on integrating principles of applied sustainability with the major disciplines. Environmental Economics for B.A. in Economics, Energy Efficiency and Low Emission designs for BTech and  Green Supply Chain Management for BBA/MBA are some of the examples of our workshops/seminars at the collegiate level.


We are committed to make our tomorrow ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ and therefore we work closely with schools in supplementing the academic curriculum with sustainability concepts. The focus of is majorly on laying foundations and understanding how sustainability can be integrated with physical science as well as social science.