Who We Serve

Our Mission Is To Spearhead Sustainable Growth Across Critical Sectors To Strike A Balance Between People, Profit & Planet.


We help corporations integrate sustainability in their value chain to achieve dual benefits of margins and environmental improvment. True to the name of our company, we combine environment and economic logic in our offerings. Examples include Green Supply Chain Management, Circular Economy Practices, Carbon Management, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Reporting.

Governments & NGOs

Climate change still requires contextually suitable policies and practices for creating meaningful impact. We use our research and analytical skills in charting, evaluating and benchmarking policies, devise adaptation and mitigation strategies and help agencies implement them. Clients we serve include government bodies, development banks, multilateral developments agencies and NGOs.

Energy Firms

Energy is at the center of the sustainability discourse. We leverage our rich experience in the arena of energy economics to help clients in the oil, gas and power (conventional and clean) sectors. We focus on helping our energy sector clients in providing cost reduction solutions, market intelligence reports and immensely rich volumes of customised research to facilitate informed decision-making.

Educational Institutions

Already visible impacts of climate change has made our future extremely vulnerable. We strongly believe that only today’s generation of students will be able to restore global sustainability in every sector, securing the future. To enable this, we have comprehensively designed workshop and training modules in the areas of physical and social sciences at school and university levels.