2019’s First Sustainability Essay Writing Competition on UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Year’s first sustainability essay writing completion of 2019
  • Platform for young minds to share their opinions on areas which matter most to them, their future
  • The competition encourages independent thinking on areas which are rarely covered in school curriculum, but of immense importance
  • Opportunity to be published in the Thought Leadership section of our website, and featured in our widely circulated sustainability magazine, Sustainability Today.
  • Felicitation of schools supportive of sustainability and United Nations Sustainability Goals
  • Online competition – the schools do not have to worry about organizing and setting up an event
  • This format allows the students flexibility of time to research the topics well and express their views
  • Platform allows independent thinking and expression of thoughts
  • The format doesn’t have a time limit – take your time to prepare, research and then write
  • Encourages independent thinking and developing comprehension on most relevant areas – an opportunity to contribute to your own cleaner and greener tomorrow
      • Participation certificates – All participants shall receive a participating certificate
      • 1st Prize – a) A certificate; b) a cash price of INR 2,000/-;  c) essay to be published on our website in the author’s and school’s name; and d) essay to be published in our sustainability magazine, Sustainability Today
      • 2nd Prize – a) A certificate; b) cash prize of INR 1000/-; c) essay to be published on our website under the author’s name, and d) essay to be published in our magazine, Sustainability Today
      • 3rd Prize – a) a certificate; b) cash prize of INR 500/-; c) essay to be published in the magazine
      • Special Mention Prizes – Top 30 essays to be published in a special edition magazine
      • Most Participating School – School with maximum participation to be eligible for a free sustainability workshop for 50 participants, besides a special feature on the schools in Sustainability Today

What’s In Store For You

Essay Topics

      1. Air Pollution, the silent killer
      2. Good health & well-being becoming a challenge in urban cities
      3. My vision for a cleaner and greener India


Students from Class 6 onwards or aged 11 and above are eligible to participate in this competition


Terms & Conditions

  1. Your essay should contain the following:
          • A Cover page should be attached with each essay along with name of the Participant, Topic selected, E-mail ID, Contact Number, Name of the School with address.
          • An Introduction, which introduces the subject. The objective is to demonstrate that you understand the issue and have formed a response to it.
          • A Body, which develops your argument using research and analysis i.e. comparing and contrasting, or interpreting results.
          • A Conclusion, which draws inferences and summarizes the arguments made in the body.
  2. Competition Date:
          • Final date of submission of essays: Friday, 22nd February 2019.
          • Declaration of results: First week of March (date will be announced)
  3. General Rules
            • All essays must be in English language.
            • A registration fee of Rs100/- has to be paid by each participant. You can register yourself at
            • Should be written only on one of the topics provided.
            • Only one entry per person is allowed. Multiple entries will not be entertained.
            • Length of Essay shall be no longer than 1000 words. There is no minimum limit, although essays shorter than 500 words are not encouraged.
            • Only original essays will be considered for the competition. Any form of plagiarism will result in disqualification.
            • Name of the file shall be given as : FULLNAMEOFPARTICIPANT_NAMEOFSCHOOL
            • Subject for the email: Green Vision 2019 Essay Submission
            • Entry submission: All entries to be submitted in electronic format (PDF) to

Evaluation Criteria

The submitted entries will be judged upon the following criteria:

          • Originality – What do you think? Every topic can have multiple perspectives. We would love to hear your own unique perspective, and see how well you are able to justify your narrative.
          • Content – What’s your story? The candidates should be able to present their arguments and beliefs in a clear and concise manner to support their points of view.
          • Language & writing skills – What are you saying? Along with originality of content, we would also like to see how well you are able to justify your assertions, and use your writing skills to convey your vision of a better tomorrow to us.
          • Structure of your Essay – Do you make sense? We would like to see how well you are able to round up your essay and how completely are you able to present your picture to us.


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