Alok Raj Gupta’s interview with EPC World was published in the monthly magazine, EPC World, Spetember 2013 special edition on water crisis and management in India. Alok shared his views  on the water stressed country and on water management programs.

Alok addressed many critical questions that related to the water crisis and management issues in our country. Following are the set of questions Alok responded to.

  • Traditionally, India has been well endowed with large freshwater reserves, however the increasing population and over exploitation of surface and groundwater over the past few decades has resulted in water scarcity in some regions. Take us through the current water scenario in the country, the water consumption pattern, the key trends and sectoral drivers?
  • Increased population, urbanization and growth in non-agricultural activities is driving water consumption and is projected to lead to future water stress What are the water management programs that India should implement at national level to prevent an impending water stress situation?
  • Policy makers and businesses have started preparing action plans and implementation roadmaps to ensure adequate water availability in the country. Can you brief us on the recent initiatives undertaken by the government to overcome water stress in the country?
  • Brief us on the National Water Policy 2012 and how this policy has been adopted at the state level. Moreover, will this Policy also help in resolution of interstate water disputes?
  • Lastly, how do you see the emerging opportunities for PPP in water and wastewater sector?

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