Sustainability Today™ (Yearly)


Sustainability Today™ is India’s first newsletter dedicated to the issues of global warming, climate change and sustainability, meant exclusively for the masses. We are dealing with the worst climate crisis of all times which impacts each one us. Unfortunately, the discourse is still very exclusive to limited circles and penetration is still at a nascent level among masses. Information about what UN’s climate treaties are, what is India’s climate change action plan, what are the findings of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and many other reports in this area are floating around, however only those who are related to this industry would be able to make 100% sense of what they all mean. At ENVECOLOGIC, we strongly feel the need to demystify and decode the complex climate change and sustainability related information and disseminate it to the masses in a simple, elucidated manner. We are heading towards a future of immense climate uncertainties and our ability to fight it and survive it will, to a great extent, depend upon how informed we are about the problems as well as solutions. Our researchers work hard to put together the content which will help you understand how the so called environmental problems are impacting you and how they can be dealt with in practical terms.



How Sustainability Today™ Safeguards Your Well-being


Sharing all insights you need to know about WHAT YOU BREATHE

We all know that the air we breathe today is polluted. But that is an elementary knowledge. There is much more about air pollution which you need to know so you can understand the problem really well before beginning to resolve it. Through Sustainability Today™, we will help you understand various sources of air pollution (some of which you may be able to control), types of air pollution (PM 10/2.5), constituents of air pollution, health hazard specific to the type of air pollution and most importantly what you can do to safeguard yourselves. We will also cover mistakes which we make in understanding fundamentals of pollution and hence end up taking insufficient and sometimes wrong measures.

Helping you understand how unsustainable practices impact WHAT YOU EAT

Climate change and unsustainable practices have led deterioration in both quantity and quality of food beyond measure. The problem is so grave that once we begin to explain various dimensions of the problem and establish how our everyday diet is impacted, we may end painting a scary picture. But the fact is that the problem exists and our ignorance putting our and our children’s health at risk. Part of the solution will lie in understanding why and what kind of substandard food is reaching our plates. We will also cover best practices with respect to consuming various food items so we can safeguard ourselves from consuming poisonous food.

Making you aware of the quality of WHAT YOU DRINK in spite of all purification efforts

Because of unsustainable practices and over-exploitation of our water resources, fresh water available for our consumption is extremely scarce. Water problem in India is extremely multi-dimensional and the issue of potable water quality and supply is worsening by the day. What we drink may still be unfit to consume and our sophisticated purifiers may still be ineffective. We will help you understand advantages and disadvantages of using modern purification systems, what works and what doesn’t and obviously health and monetary implications of each.

Establishing direct linkage between Climate Change and HEALTH HAZARDS

In the last 5 years, chikungunya and dengue have become a household name, besides malaria. Every year, even cities like Delhi witness many deaths because of these vector borne diseases. It has been established that climate change leads to more favourable temperature and humid conditions for mosquitoes to multiply. El nino effects and increased intensity of heatwaves are already manifesting. These bear direct health hazards. We must understand all these well because they impact us in real terms. We will also cover various adaptation measures one can take to safeguard.

How climate change and sustainability problems AFFECT YOUR POCKET

We don’t realise this but, increasingly every year, we are spending more and more to adapt to climate change, global warming and unsustainable ecosystem. Long and intolerable summers lead us to use air conditioners for longer duration, which contribute to our electricity bills. We spend a hefty sum in purchasing and maintaining a sophisticated Water RO system to drink clean water, which otherwise (unlike many places in the west) is poisonous. Nowadays, people have started spending even more on buying nose masks and air purifier systems. The list of how much we are spending on what can be directly linked with aforementioned environment related factors can go on and on.