Green Vision Essay Competition 2019


Essay Topics:

  1. Air Pollution, the silent killer
  2. Good health & well-being becoming a challenge in urban cities
  3. My vision for a cleaner and greener India


Students from Class 6 to Class 9 are eligible to participate in this competition

Important Dates

  • Final date of submission of essays: Friday, 15th February 2019.
  • Declaration of results: First week of March, 2019 (date will be announced)





Introduction – Our motivation & endeavours

In this age of excessive consumption and skewed distribution across the globe, adopting a sustainability centric approach is our only salvation. United Nations has come up with a list of Sustainable Development Goals as the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”.

EnvEcoLogic, a Delhi based environment and sustainability think thank, is closely working with different sections of society, especially the youth, to bring environment and sustainability centric discourse in the limelight.

We are currently working with United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network as Sustainability Partner and Teri School of Advanced Studies as Knowledge Partner on a pan Delhi air pollution study which is slated to include the biggest air pollution centric survey with over 10,000 inputs from the common public.

With a view to create discourse around sustainability, EnvEcologic is constantly seeking to engage with the youth, as we recognise that innovative ideas from these sharp young minds need to be given a platform to express their opinions and thoughts.

As part of our endeavours aiming to involve the youth, EnvEcologic is organising Green Vision 2019- Writing for a Better Tomorrow, an online essay writing competition which will give young minds the chance to delve into the world of sustainability, and hone their knowledge.

Green Vision 2019 invites students from your esteemed institution to be a part of the competition and participate in the essay writing competition.

Why Is This Competition Important?

The primary purpose of our competition is to give students the opportunity to engage in a social debate through writing on issues aligned to agenda 2030, UN SDG action campaign. In addition, the competition highlights the School’s commitment to supporting the educational advancement of prospective participants.

Special Highlights

  • Year’s first sustainability essay writing completion of 2019
  • Platform for young minds to share their opinions on areas which matter most to them, their future
  • The competition encourages independent thinking on areas which are rarely covered in school curriculum, but of immense importance
  • Opportunity to be published in the Thought Leadership section of our website, and featured in our widely circulated sustainability magazine, Sustainability Today.
  • Felicitation of schools supportive of sustainability and United Nations Sustainability Goals
  • Online competition – the schools do not have to worry about organizing and setting up an event
  • This format allows the students flexibility of time to research the topics well and express their views

Platform allows independent thinking and expression of thoughts

  • The format doesn’t have a time limit – take your time to prepare, research and then write
  • Encourages independent thinking and developing comprehension on most relevant areas – an opportunity to contribute to your own cleaner and greener tomorrow