Recently, Envecologic had the opportunity to work with citizen action group URJA, which is the apex body for the RWAs across Delhi. URJA, or United Residents Joint Action, is currently working with the Govt. Of Delhi on the traffic woes affecting the city, and designing a new parking policy for the city. Envecologic was approached by the organization to provide subject matter expertise on how to control the problem of illegal and unmanaged parking, while integrating sustainability principles with the process.

We conducted a research study on the same, and wrote a white paper which tries to understand various facets of the endemic parking problem in Delhi. In this paper, major focus has been laid on demystifying the ways in which the problems can be tackled, while trying to keep in mind the fact that fixing one component randomly will not result in any benefit. Therefore, this paper focuses on a systemic approach to tackle the problem whereby process improvement, technology integration, more transparency and role of key players such as Resident Welfare Associations can be defined, and banked upon to reach the goals. Moreover, the paper also delves into understanding how technology can become a key driver in the overall modernisation of the traffic system.

In the context of parking management systems, this paper also highlights certain areas which need to be elaborated upon and further studied. The most important thing is to understand that this sector demands more in-depth research in the specific context of Delhi, and more specifically, the various sub regions of Delhi, as the capital city is so vast that one-size-fits-all approach may not work. What makes the case even more unique for every sub-region is the vehicular composition.

URJA has submitted the report along with its recommendations to the transportation department, Government of Delhi.