Do you know according to the Lancet Planetary Health Survey, Air Quality of India is so poor that it caused 1.2 million deaths in India in 2017? It was found that at least 12.5% of deaths in 2017, or one in eight, can be attributed to unusually high rates of lower respiratory infections, heart disease, strokes, lung cancer, and diabetes, which are a result of severe air pollution.

It is no news that Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Everybody has been talking about this for past the few years. Protests are being organised, some actions have also been taken by the authorities. But citizens –women, children, aged, young, they all continue to suffer.

Public forms the largest stakeholder yet we fail to understand the insights and problems they are facing during the whole pollution scenario and have their least involvement. Envecologic decided to reach out to the citizens of Delhi and talk to them about the impact of air pollution and how they are adapting to it.  Responses we received led us to the interpretation that while the background of the people may be different, the extend of the impact of pollution remains same.

Watch out this space to find out the stories of Delhiities and understand how serious the problem is.