Fulcrum of Progress – BGARP 2008-2014 Green Policy Review

Fulcrum of Progress – BGARP 2008-2014 Green Policy Review

About the project: Envisioning Good Governance through improved transparency and accountability in public institutions, better delivery of public services, and strengthened law and order, the Government of Bihar (GoB), in 2006, initiated a portfolio of reforms. These reforms formed the basis of the Bihar Governance and Administrative Reforms Programme (BGARP), launched in 2008 with financial and technical assistance provided by the UK Government, to provide fillip and added momentum to the Bihar State Government’s agenda.

The project required assessment of all the policy reforms introduced during the aforementioned period. Envecologic brought represented the energy and environmental expertise to the table to review policies and submitted the assement report to the steering committee, which included leaders from the Government (primary stakeholder), DFiD-UK Aid (project funding agency) and Deloitte (project implementation partner).


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November 20, 2014

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