Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in Agricultural Sector in Africa

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in Agricultural Sector in Africa

About the project:

The assignment was part of Action Aid International’s Agro-ecology and Resilience Project in Africa. Salination has been a very major problem for coastal agriculture in the country as the rising sea level due to climate change has continued to flood the farmlands, leaving salt residue covering the top soil, resulting in loss of productivity. Every year sea water’s reach increases despite shifting the farmland backward.

It was a core research project whereby we proposed an array of specific adaptation strategy to deal with this problem, after understanding the scale and extent of damage caused by salination. Solutions in various areas including  soil conservation, seed management, water management, cropping patter and alternative strategy like building livestock capital were proposed.

About the client: About the client: ActionAid is a leading international development agency, working in over 45 countries. They work with the poorest of people across the globe with local staff across countries, who provide immediate, hands-on support. The entire gamut of activities span across defending women’s rights, sustainable livelihoods, education and other humanitarian responses.


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January 8, 2015

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