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Stay Abreast With The Latest Happenings At ENVECOLOGIC

Global HSE, New Delhi, February 2016

Envecologic conducted a workshop for the members of the Global HSE at Le Meridian, New Delhi. The workshop was on how to promote business excellence while reducing the burden on the energy resources, through incorporation of sustainable business practices. A technical...

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Q & A With EPC World On Water Crisis & Management In India

Alok Raj Gupta’s interview with EPC World was published in the monthly magazine, EPC World, Spetember 2013 special edition on water crisis and management in India. Alok shared his views  on the water stressed country and on water management programs. Alok addressed...

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ENVECOLOGIC is a fast growing new age research and consulting firm focusing on providing energy and sustainability solutions. The name itself, which is a synthesis of ‘Environment’ and ‘Economic Logic’, conveys our area of expertise. The present age is characterised by multi-dimensional problems emerging everyday due to depleting resources, global warming, climate change and an unstable energy sector. We seek to deep dive into understanding those challenges and find solutions which make economic sense.