State of Delhi’s Air: A Survey & Expert Review Report

Aim of the study is to determine public perception of Delhi’s air pollution crisis, and make policy related recommendations on what will effectively work in Delhi.

Worl's Most Polluted Capital

Delhi is among the world’s most polluted cities in the World.  One out of every two Delhi’s children are growing up with irreversible lung damage. Delhiites develop smokers’ lungs by the age of 35.

Where Poor is the New Normal

On any ordinary day, Delhi’s air quality moves between ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’. Additional factors like dust storm or Diwali easily take it to ‘severe’ levels. Consequently, 30,000 people reportedly die prematurely in Delhi alone.

Forced Smoking

The number of non-smokers with lung cancer is going up by 30 to 40% in Delhi, where the number of cases at AIIMS has more than doubled from 940 in 2013-14 to 2,082 in 2015-16, coinciding with a time of severe rise in air pollution.

Potential Lung Cancer Capital

The excess cancer risk, also known as ECR, has been found to be 13-16 times higher than the ‘safe limits’ for children, whereas, it has hit the ‘tolerable limit’ for adults in Delhi.

Why Public Perception & Expert Review?
The Air Pollution crisis has only intensified over the last five years, leaving people clueless in terms of what measures to take or how to safeguard. Efforts have not been able to tame the problem yet because of its sheer magnitude and complexity. It is therefore indispensable that a fresh assessment is undertaken through a large scale survey to understand how public are dealing with the problem, what they think about potential solutions, and what their perceived pain points.
Public forms the largest stakeholder group and constitutes the most vulnerable members. Any decision impacting them cannot be taken in isolation. Policy makers, governing bodies, researchers, and market players cannot contribute in addressing the issue of ‘Air Pollution’ effectively without public based insights, which this report will generate through an exhaustive survey.


The Air Pollution Report Working Group will comprehensively review all major recommendations, guidelines, and decisions that have emerged from air pollution discourse thus far. This review is supposed to set the context for the survey, such that public perceptions insights from the survey exercise demystify complexities involved in solving the issue.



The most comprehensive survey based report on air pollution menace in Delhi will highlight what people perceptions about this environmental emergency in India’s capital city are. It will gauge the level of awareness, responsiveness, outlook, economic impacts, and much more which will convey the extent people’s awareness and action.



Our panel of distinguished experts covering various dimensions of air pollution crisis will dissect the insights from survey and review to produce recommendations focusing on ‘what will’ work to change the status quo of Delhi’s air pollution crisis.Various policy briefs and insight summaries will be generated and shared with stakeholders across the board.

Our Distinguished Expert Panel

Dr. Suresh Jain

Professor of Air Pollution and Health, IIT, Tirupati

Dr. Vivek Nangia

HoD & Director, Pulmonology, Fortis Hospital

Siddharth Singh

Lead India Analyst & Coordinator, International Energy Agency

Dr. Kamna Sachdeva

Associate Professor, Dept. of Energy & Environment, TERI SAS

Sunil Dahiya

Senior Campaigner, Climate & Energy, Greenpeace India

Parthaa Bosu

Lead India Advisor, Environmental Defense Fund

Dr. Pallavi Pant

Air Quality Scientist, Springer Nature

Aishwarya Sudhir

Researcher & Campaigner, Global Strategic Communications Council

Aanchal Kapur

Founder & Team Lead, Kriti/Social Scientist