Business Unit Strategy Assessment – Saudi Arabian Market Assessment (Phase 1)

Business Unit Strategy Assessment – Saudi Arabian Market Assessment (Phase 1)

About the project: The client was facing the challenge of low sales as well low margins with the existing products on offering. The project was a classic case of strategic management for the team which had to work at two levels. At the first level, we proposed a final list of the most saleable products and at the second level, we made specific recommendations on supply chain realignment. Efforts at both level ensured that we provide an all-round solution to the client to improve company’s margins as well as turnover.

Strategy involved developing detailed market prospects assessment including analysis on demand, capacity and competitive dynamics for five major sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, viz. Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Water, Power and Mining. At the second level, demand was assesses for a wide array of equipment and mapped to each of the five industries. Based on this, the recommendation was made on the final list of products which have sales potential.  In-depth interviews of stakeholders and senior management was undertaken besides exhaustive analysis of existing supply chain, based on which  recommendations were made to restructure sales strategy.

About the client: The client is a large trading and development holding company based out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and serves mainly the Petrochemical, Mineral processing, Water and Power sectors in the region. Trading primarily involved selling manufacturing and assembling of capital equipment for large scale industrial applications.


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October 6, 2013